302 Redirect Suggestion

Hey Patrick,

I am using a 302 redirect to test pages in my members section part of the website using a technique like this:


Using this technique, you get a result like this:

Would it be possible to add a variable that would ignore 302 redirects so the results are focused on the main document?

So basically in the image above, the initial connection and time to first byte for member-login.cfm would be ignored and the DNS lookup time could be added before edit-business.cfm. Maybe the DNS cache could be flushed after a 302 redirect if the ignore variable is set to true.

Travis Walters

I’ll think about it a bit but like you pointed out with the DNS it’s pretty complicated to get right.

You might be able to achieve what you’re looking for with a script instead and have the first step do the login (and redirect to a plain “logged in” page with no css, js or images) and then navigate to the page you are trying to test. Even better would be if the login step was on a different domain (but one that shares cookies with the main domain) so the DNS would not be populated.