3G and video converter

For most of individuals, watching movie on mobile phone has developed into common thing. But we always find that you have many video types are incompatible with our mobile phones.
It is reported that a majority of of mobile telephones support 3GP structure (a multimedia format defined by simply 3GPP, and also is really a simplified version of MPEG-4 Part 14). It is since the technology of 3gp makes it possible for users to send massive amount data over cellphone networks, allowing for clear transmission of huge files, including web data, audio and video to cellphone.
Maybe, we can lookup some websites that include to download 3GP video through google search. After? my? hard? working,? I? find? some.
However, to my despression symptoms, if you wish to download some videos, you must buy them. At the very same time, I can’t find the best videos though there are some free downloads. I feel very despair currently.
There is just a foolish way with regard to transferring video to mobile phone- turn video files in order to 3GP. Before using device to convert video clip files to 3GP, I’ve heard in which converter tools are a lot of, but many resources are hard to use, or the good quality of output videos is incredibly poor. Now I must try. Through a long time searching, I find a number of 3GP video converters for you to convert video documents to 3GP.
After my trial, I feel the last three software’s installation really is easy and their interfaces tend to be friendly. Besides, the speed regarding video to cellphone 3GP conversion is quite fast. After converting, the quality involving output video is extremely excellent beyond my imagination. But when I used the video converting software pro, I found the video to mobile phone 3GP conversion would be interrupted. Sometimes even my computer would ‘die’. And when I tried to uninstall the 3GP converter pro, I found there was no way to uninstall the software completely. So I don’t recommend you to use the ‘bad’ software.