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Many of us live in stories about receiving: that we will become beholden; it makes us too dependent and vunerable; it is too intimate; Who are we to ask or receive? Always a lender, never a borrow be; If we receive we will feed our ego and become monsters; Modern women don’t ask for help, it isn’t being a good feminist; It is cleaner and easier to just go it alone, look what happens when you get enmeshed with people! How we open to receiving? 1) Acknowledge that you are an animal (so easy to forget!) and animals must live in community to survive. There can be other reasons why this fossilizing happens but the first recourse almost always seem to be to open myself up to receive - Spirit, love, feedback, nature, gratitude, energy, creativity. " You find a perfect parking place and you nod and say, "I accept. I sat down to write about the self-nurturing essential of receiving – love, energy, compliments, ideas, gifts, the Divine - and I didn’t want to write. You must write them down! Keeping them in your head won’t allow you the distance you need to observe. . And what did you want? To call myself beloved, to feel myself beloved on the earth. . Observe them, note them, and love them. and then it hit me when I was out walking. . 8) We are all connected. " Thanks, Brenda! 7) To quote the Comfort Queen from page 198 in Comfort Secrets for Busy Women, "Consider this: What if God is speaking to you, caring for you, through the arms of your friends and neighbors? What if by refusing to receive you are blocking Divine Love, the Divine Hello?.