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There’s no arguing that Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) has had gone through some developmental stages on HBO’s True Blood this season. She has come into her own when it comes to accepting her true nature as a vampire and it has made for some very memorable moments on Season 4. Woo says that of all the characters on True Blood this season, Jessica stands out the most in his mind for the journey she took in the course of the season. And he celebrates the bloodthirsty redhead with his five favorite scenes featuring the angst-ridden vamp below.
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Well, this one certainly came out of nowhere for me. One minute, I’m just watching TV when a new preview comes on for “True Blood” and the next minute I’m frantically searching for whoever the hot actress opposite Anna Paquin is in the previews. After a quick search, turns out I was eye-oogling an actress by the name of Deborah Ann Woll. Now, I’ve maybe seen 40 seconds of an episode once, so there’s a good chance Deborah has already been on the hearts-and-minds of every hot-blooded American male over the past few years, but this is my first exposure to her. Using the rational that if I don’t know about it, then a lot of people also must not, I’m going to assume that plenty of folks also haven’t heart about her just yet. Which is the excuse I’m using to justify finding sexy photos of her on the Internet and composing the following gallery for you fine readers. Enjoy.
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