Changes to the chrome Resources Scheduler

Is there a way i can tell if there were changes in the Chrome Resources Scheduler between different updates released ?

Since Feb/20 I see changes in the way the resources in my page were downloaded, and i don’t see any changes in the order those resources were put in the html. This majorly affected the stats of my ‘Start Render’.

No god central way, that area of Chrome is under very active development (and there are changes in the next 2 releases already that will also change things - hopefully for the better and more around making start render faster).

Here is the tweet I sent out for that specific change that you’re probably seeing:

The main change was fixing the preload scanner so it actually scans the whole document. It made the overall stats a lot faster but there are a few things it exposed that I plan on fixing in the next week or so (the main one is that it will take js from the end of the document and force it to load early).