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    NS records contain hostnames, not addresses. As a result, a server may give a referral to another name server without also giving its address. If the name server’s name is inside the domain being delegated, the parent is required to provide an address, but in other cases, the child server may be unreachable.
    DNS over TCP is slow and prone to denial of service attacks, so it is generally not used except for zone tansfers. DNS over UDP is vulnerable to response spoofing: a client can’t tell where the UDP packet came from, so an attacker who can sniff requests can easily send false responses. If the requests aren’t sniffable, an attacker can still send false responses, but ey has to guess the query ID and the port the query was sent from. Incorrect guesses incur no penalty for the attacker, however, and BIND uses the same port for all queries.jocuri 3d