Help looking for an Application that can check the following.

I am looking for 1 application that can check the following points and can give us a report that has a full break down.

  1. Functionality:

1.1 Links

Objective is to check for all the links in the website.

Check List	

1.1.1 All Internal Links
1.1.2 All External Links
1.1.3 All mail to links
1.1.4 Check for orphan Pages
1.1.5 Check for Broken Links

1.2 Forms

   Test for the integrity of submission of all forms.

Check List	

1.2.1 All Field Level Check
1.2.2 All Field Level Validations
1.2.3 Functionality of Create, Modify, Delete & View
1.2.4 Handling of Wrong inputs (Both client & Server)
1.2.5 Default Values if any Yes/No
1.2.6 Optional versus Mandatory fields.

Database integrator

1.3 Cookies

Check for the cookies that has to be enabled and how it has to be expired.

Check List

  1. Cookies

2.SEO - Search Engine Optimization

1.4.1 Meta Tags

Meta tags are designed to be located in the head section of each web page and contain information about what is contained on that web page. Title tag display before the most two common Meta tags are Description and Keywords.

Check List
Title Tags
Description Tags
Keyword Tags

1.4.2 General optimization

Check List
Links Alt Tags
Image Alt Tags
Bold, Strong
URL Friendly

  1. Usability:

2.1 Navigation

Navigation describes the way users navigate within a page, between different user interface controls (buttons, boxes, lists, windows etc.), or between pages via e.g. links.

Check list	

2.1.1 Application navigation is proper through tab
2.1.2 Navigation through Mouse
2.1.3 Main features accessible from the main/home page.
2.1.4 Any hot keys, control keys to access menus.

2.2 Content

Correctness is whether the information is truthful or contains misinformation. The accuracy of the information is whether it is without grammatical or spelling errors. Remove irrelevant information from your site. This may otherwise cause misunderstandings or confusion.

Check list	

2.2.1 Spellings and Grammars
2.2.2 Updated information

2.3 General Appearance

The look and feel of your website is important for more than just displaying information, but displaying it in a manner so that it reaches your intended target…

Check List	

2.3.1 Page appearance
2.3.2 Colour, font and size
2.3.3 Frames Yes/No
2.3.4 Consistent design

  1. Client Side Compatibility:
    2.1 Browsers

Test how your website works & looks in all browsers/OSs
Check List Yes/No

  1.  Check for the various combinations:	
  2.  Internet Explorer (3.X 4.X, 5.X)	
  3.  Netscape Navigator (3.X, 4.X, 6.X)	
  4.  AOL	Yes/No
  5.  Browser settings (security settings, graphics, Java etc.)	
  6.  Frames and Cascade Style sheets	
  7.  Applets, ActiveX controls, DHTML, client side scripting	
  8.  HTML specifications.	
  9. Graphics: Yes/No
  10. Loading of images, graphics, etc.,

2.2 Printing

Despite the paperless society the web was to introduce, printing is done more than ever. Verify that pages are printable with considerations on:

Check List	
  1. Text and image alignment

  2. Colours of text, foreground and background

  3. Scalability to fit paper size

  4. Tables and borders

  5. Performance:

1.1 Load

Check/Measure the following:

Check List
What is the estimated number of users per time period and how will it be divided over the period?
Will there be peak loads and how will the system react?
Can your site handle a large amount of users requesting a certain page?
Large amount of data from users.

Where did you copy and paste this from?

It is a list of checks that I have put together

Looks like a requirements list that someone had put together for QA of a site and you’re looking for a tool that will replace the manual effort.

It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to find even a collection of tools that will do all of that but I’ve never seen a single tool that would even come close (and if one claimed to I would seriously question how well it actually accomplished it).

The list actually spans more than even a regular QA process would include because the load testing and scalability planning are complex in their own right.