How to use uTorrent to download bittorrent metafiles

This tutorial choose go by you throughout each of the steps in locale up and using uTorrent to download files using bittorrent. uTorrent is a free (and simple feature-rich) bittorrent shopper for the duration of Windows 98/ME, NT/2000, XP, 2003, and Vista.
note: this tutorial was created using uTorrent view 1.7.5 Stable.
Oldest up, download uTorrent from torrent. Conserve the line to your downloads folder (or wherever you amass temporary files) and put on some speed it when the download has completed.
Arbitrate where you want to forge shortcuts to uTorrent, and click Yes.
When uTorrent is done installing, you’ll be prompted to make up it as your lapse .torrent program. Click Yes.
Any longer you’ll need to select up uTorrent so that it performs as sumptuously as practicable to your specific Internet connection. This will-power resist confirm your bittorrent transfers move around attack as very soon as viable, so it’s portentous to be accurate. If you recognize what your Internet connections upstream bandwidth is, selected it from the Relevance Breed: trickle down list. If you’re unsure, click the Run forward try out at: button.