I show Facebook as a domain in the content break down

I am so confused, I show facebook several times in my content break down yet I do not have Facebook other than a link on it on the page.

Any ides what could be adding this? Maybe something in Java?

webhost.pro 66
profile.ak.fbcdn.net 9
dwhs.info 4
www.facebook.com 2
static.ak.fbcdn.net 2
static.ak.facebook.com 1
s-static.ak.facebook.com 1
connect.facebook.net 1

Domain Bytes
webhost.pro 1430035
static.ak.fbcdn.net 55383
connect.facebook.net 53228
profile.ak.fbcdn.net 23875
static.ak.facebook.com 9146
s-static.ak.facebook.com 9106
www.facebook.com 8883
dwhs.info 3070

Do you have a link to the actual test results? It’s not unusual for ads, some targeting systems or like buttons to pull in a bunch of Facebook stuff.