Joomla / Varnish / CDN

Thanks so much for this great resource. I have several joomla sites and looking to make them run as fast as possible and keep them going that way.

Most of my sites are built in joomla and recently I have been adding the images to a CDN (cachefly) and just a few days ago I moved up to a hostgator VPS and installed Varnish.

The speed seems to be going pretty well.

I am still working to understand how to interpret all of the different test results and if something can be improved.

If the above site was yours what would you do next to improve performance?

Thanks so much! I am continuing to read the forum posts and learning as much as I can.

I ran a test with more runs just to make sure you don’t focus one one test result and happen to catch an outlier:

The main thing that jumps out at me is the images. It looks like there are a lot of icon graphics as individual images: Combining as many of those into individual sprites as possible will help quite a bit. Another option would be to use data URI’s but then you have to have browser-specific logic.

Since you’re running on a VPS, have you considered installing mod_pagespeed? It should be able to combine your css files and inline the small images as data URI’s automatically.