Nine videos to compare plus Slow Motion is treated as "more than 9" videos

If you select 9 videos to compare and elect to make a slow-motion video, you get a javascript alert telling you to pick no more than 9 videos. (It’s counting the slow-mo checkbox as a video, apparently.)

Workaround: execute in the URL bar (or other dev tool):
javascript: maxCompare=10;

and then it works. I’m sure a more elegant/proper fix is possible, but that got me what I needed tonight. :slight_smile:

Cheers and thanks for the great tool!

Thanks for the heads-up. Just fixed it (needed to be a bit more specific with the JQuery selector that was doing the validation). Let me know if you would find it valuable to have comparison templates for more than 9 videos - it’s just a matter of creating templates, I just figured it starts to get really hard to consume when you look at that many together.

Yes, for my particular use case, being able to see a larger number of videos would be helpful. In particular, when showing the effect of changes on widely varying geographic areas, I often don’t care about being able to actually “read” what’s on the page, but simply seeing that CDN A is better than CDN B is better than the origin across 5 or 6 geographies is a non-contrived use case.

I could definitely use 4x3, 5x3, 4x4 and 5x4 grids. (I’ll also be setting up a Cambridge/Boston site as soon as I get my colo sorted out.)

Thanks, and GREAT tool!