Problems with Application Cache

can be you have some problems with application cache:

I don’t think so, I think something else must be going on. For Chrome testing we use a completely clean user profile for every run (and the entire profile gets nuked between runs).

I tried a bunch of runs and couldn’t reproduce it: but it could have been machine-specific or even a temporary issue with the site.

I’d love to hear how your experience goes with using the app cache (particularly for a more content oriented site). Those repeat view times tell the real story and I think it’s going to be the next big wave for web performance.

I noticed that the php call that serves the main application is using a session identifier cookie. Is that something t actually uses at that level? Just asking because it’s something to watch out for since the base HTML gets cached as part of the App Cache.

Some Test’s:
I make changes to the application cache:

First run:
its nearly the same

I use sess.php to write the complete HTML5 ability of the Browser in the session, for use in the cms to make individuell code in php and in smarty templates.
It runs only the first time until it gives a session.

Application cache is extremly fast, faster as the normal Browser Cache but this causes some problems too.
As example on this page is a test with german postal codes and periphery-search with geo location. Normaly it shows a google static map onkeyup. Now it is so fast, that google cannot follow.

First without appcache
Second with appcache

If you can hold the session for the complete running of a test you see the real value of this technic.