Slow motion video is the same as regular speed

It looks like “slow motion” checkbox does not affect the speed of the video.

Here’s the example:

Both videos are the same speed:

Might be related to video auto-generation (or am i wrong that it WPT is doing that?).

Hmm, looking into it now. The “slow motion” videos are just encoded at 2fps instead of 10fps and when I play back the pre-rendered script it is playing at the correct speed but the mp4 seems to be losing the slowdown.

It definitely used to work so I’m sure I broke something - hope to have it fixed soon :frowning:

No problem - it’s quite useful and I create them at our Meet for SPEED sessions to help people understand what’s going on. I’ll keep an eye on it :wink:

ok, fixed - thanks for pointing that out. I broke the directory parsing when I added an extra level of nesting to the ID’s so they were both being written to the same location (single-test videos only). Whatever was created first is what would have been used for both so if you only created a single video of a test it would be fine.

I put some backward-compatibility code in place so any affected videos from the last 2 or so weeks will still work. Any newly created videos will not have the problem.



Perfect! Thanks a lot!