Status Code 200 - Slow Time to First Byte for single file

Testing a client’s site. Things are coming along nicely and have made various tweaks for speed. However, a single file (style.php–Wordpress) is taking over 8100ms to first byte. Error / Status Code is 200. Couldn’t find a legend for error codes BTW.

Can anyone help / suggest a fix? Many thanks.


200 is the HTTP status code (and an HTTP 200 is a successful response).

From the outside we don’t have any visibility into why a given request is slow. For that you usually need to look at the code and either instrument it or use something like New Relic to tell you why it is slow. Is it consistently slow or was it just in one test?

Usually slowness comes from database queries or calls to external services from the back-end. I can’t tell you exactly what it is from the outside though.