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What remained of the huge space telescope , far away. But where unburned debris will fall , just as it is not known .rnLast night, the Earth’s atmosphere has penetrated another incident satellite. This orbital telescope ROSAT it was launched back in the 90- year search for X-ray sources in space and has long served its .
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German Aerospace Center in Cologne - that he belongs to the unit - said that the people of Europe , Africa and Australia can not worry : the unburned fragments weighing over 1.5 tonnes would fall somewhere else. More accurate information experts do not yet have .Precipitation in the form of debris to go, it seems , include weather reports : A month ago from an orbit gone defunct satellite NASA, and similar stories are repeated in the future. But the accuracy of the prediction in the space agencies even less than in the Synoptics .

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German ballistics says that debris is likely to fall into the sea or on an uninhabited part of the land . But exactly where and at what time, can only say eyewitnesses , reports NTV.