urlblast sso issue

I setup a private instance with 2.11 and am noticing the agent fails to deliver the images to the server. I tried to use fiddler to check what was happening and noticed that these /workdone and /resultimage.php urls are not passing the SSO cookie that is required by the server. The weird part is that getwork.php seems to be passing it correctly and able to get the work but the results are not getting posted for just these two urls… other json files seem to be posted correctly. Help appreciated.

What SSO cookie? The only auth support that I have tested and support is to use the location keys or to do IP-based whitelists at the server level. I am pretty sure that anything else will fail because we wipe out all of the cookies and caches as part of normal testing.

We use Netegrity siteminder internally which sets a SM_SESSION domain cookie for SSO internally. So the urlblast.exe correctly polls the server /getwork.php but when it tries to access /workdone.php and resultsImage.php it fails for just those two URL’s (other Posts work fine). Upon investigation I found that it is failing for just these two URL’s as it does not pass that SM_SESSION cookie and hence gets a 401 response from the server.

Can you disable it for the work/ directory? I can pretty much guarantee that it won’t work without writing some custom code because we clear all of the browser cookies between getting the test and returning the results (as part of running the test).

Yes that is what I did and it works. Thanks