very slow first byte time/being throttled

Sorry, I looked on your forum and couldn’t fix my site.

I am getting a very very slow first byte time

I contacted my host - bluehost and they said

“It looks like your site is using a lot of resources and being throttled.Every 500ms the throttling daemon checks to see how much collective resources your account username is requesting or utilizing. If this exceeds 7% of total system resources, we “jail” your user to a single core; Meaning you may no longer pull from the total pool of CPU resources, and are isolated to a single CPU core with other jailed users. Once jailed we allow you to use 100% of that core’s available resources. If in another 500ms window your load requests have dropped below the 7% threshold for 500ms or more, we’ll “un-jail” you and put you back with the collective CPU resources pool.”

They gave me some generic advice on how to decrease resources, but it is still slow.

Any help would be much appreciated.

I got my issue figured out. I disabled the wp-cron.php and it is a lot faster with no throttling. I used the instructions from

Wanted to post in case it helps someone else out.