Web performance data from top 160 NZ websites

I’ve just finished my semi-annual report on web performance in New Zealand. You can read the full report on my blog post (
http://www.projectx.co.nz/2011/07/homepage-hall-of-shame-july-2011/ ) or look at the full data on Google Spreadsheet - http://tinyurl.com/homepageHOS2011


The homepages for 160 of the top NZ based websites was measured using webpagetest.org.nz on 1.5Mb DSL and 20Mb connection Thanks to aptimize.com. All tests have urls from webpagetest.org and video (Sorry to hammer the servers Pat!)

  • The average page size of homepages was 661.8K Up from (554.6K in Dec 2010 359.6K in May 2009 & 305.1K in 2008)
  • Fastest home pages load < 2 sec. Top site loads in 1.1 secs !
  • The average download time for office broadband (20Mb) – 5.98 secs (3.97 secs for page reload)
  • The average download time for home broadband connection (1.5Mb)– 12.43 secs (5.21 secs for page reload)
  • 66% of websites use WEB COMPRESSION
  • Only 35% of sites load in under 4 seconds.
  • The largest pages were over 4000K. The largest site was 4Mb and with one image over 3Mb.
  • A lot Advertising javascript still is not being compressed
  • Some sites have dozens of Javascript and CSS files, worst offender had 54 javascript files.
  • The fastest sites have less total requests. There seems to be a strong co-relation to lower total requests to speed.

Webmasters and developers in NZ need to catch up with the rest of the world and speed up their sites!