Why does my ipad keep going back to main menu when i start a game app?

DONT KNOWI am 14, and into video editing, like a lot. I want a good green screen program, but I want to try it Before I buy it. Any Good ones? btw, i already have a screen.That’s it. Just the question… thanks. cholesterol dieta tabletki odchudzajace tabletki odchudzające skuteczne I need this for a class badly! HELPMy computer doesn’t have brightness issues but the settings is like messed up. When I press the button to increase brightness, the level of brightness is 1, and when i press the decrease brightness the level is 8, its like backwards. Level 1 is the dimmest and 8 is the brightest. When i first used my computer it is fixed but when i reformat my computer it is messed up like the keyboard keys, when you press shift+2, the sign that appears is " when its supposed to be @.I am trying to send a job application and when it is time to send the resume’ , instead of “attach a file” or “copy and paste” it says BROWSE…i have my resume saved to my documents, what do i do ? Please help, trying to get a job!