WordPress on Google Compute Engine has Good Loading Times

Hi guys,

I am from Cloudways, we have been testing WordPress on different cloud providers in terms of performance, speed and uptime.

We recently integrated Google Compute Engine and tested it in terms of loading speeds. Default WordPress installations give an impressive loading speed, and we think it opens up an entirely new window for WordPress users to host on the cloud that delivers optimum performance.

We have the following setup on GCE servers

1- Nginx (serves static content)
2- Varnish (caches HTTP request)
3- Apache (serves php requests)
4- Memcache (caches database requests)
5- MySQL
6- Debian OS

on g1-small GCE instance.

Attaching the screenshot of WebPageTest.org

Also feel free to ask me any questions.

13 requests seems low for a wordpress site. No plugins? It would be more interesting to me to see how it responds with more calls like the 40 to 140 you usually see after the site owner gets the 20 plugins they just can’t live without.

Definitely, we have a few tests going on and you are more than welcome to test it out as 3 day free trial is applicable on GCE small servers through Cloudways platform.

Here are a few more tests

Hi Andy,

I also work at Cloudways. Have you conducted any benchmark? :slight_smile: I would love to see the results.