XML result format differences

I’ve noticed a number of small differences between the Moto G results and the other browsers. Many are camel case vs snake case but its not totally consistent (e.g., firstView vs. first_view, ttfb vs TTFB, loadTime vs load_time, URL vs url). I can code around but wanted to know if there were any plans to make them consistent before I did.

Thanks for the great tool!

Any chance you have an example? That would be a bug though I’d expect most of the UI to break.

Here is the desktop code: webpagetest/page_data.inc at master · WPO-Foundation/webpagetest · GitHub

And the devtools (Android): webpagetest/devtools.inc.php at master · WPO-Foundation/webpagetest · GitHub

I’m an idiot. Upon inspection of the Suswatari wrapper gem I am using, I can see that its changing everything to snake case prior to me printing the results… at least in the case of a single run. Ether it does not understand how to deal with the array of results you get when you request more than one run or I’m using it wrong. In the former case, I’ll submit a change to the maintainer.