1_Cached_IEWTR.txt Event Name is Cleared Cache-Run

I think I’ve stumbled upon a bug that seems to show up rather intermittently: the “Event Name” column in the 1_Cached_IEWTR.txt file shows up as “Cleared Cache-Run_1^…” instead of “Cached-Run_1^…”.

When I pull this data using requests.csv, all of the requests show up as being from the first run, so a whole bunch of the sequence numbers have two entries, and it’s confusing our monitoring.

Have you seen anything like this? I can privately submit an example if you like.

Thank you,

What version are you running (server and agent)? If you email me a zip of all of the files from the test directory I can take a look but it isn’t something I have seen before. The code that sets the event names and the code that sets the file names SHOULD be operating on the same information so it would have to be a pretty bizarre situation (seen more bizarre before though so it’s certainly possible).

The agent is deployed from your EC2 AMI ( ami-406f9429 ) in Virginia, and the server is 2.6.

I’ll email you the test.

Did you receive the test?

Sorry. Yes, thank you, I got it, just haven’t had time to dig into it yet (today was exceptionally crazy). Hopefully I’ll be able to come up for air tomorrow and take a look.

Any luck? I’m sorry to pester you.

Did you ever have a chance to look at this?

Sorry, things have been pretty crazy and I haven’t had a chance to look yet. Today might not be a lot better but I’ll see if I can work it in. It has me puzzled because the code that sets the label uses the same info as the cached flag so it’s pretty bizarre.

Did you guys get a solution to this ? I am getting the same problem,

Cleared Cache-Run_1^https://www.intuit.com/ when I try and ping this URL