19.082 second TTFB. Needs Help! Issues Fixed

My websites load slow since the day before yesterday! and I noticing about my web site (a wordpress blog) is that there’s 19.082 second TTFB.

Results here: http://www.webpagetest.org/result/120725_WT_HX3/1/details/

My site Page Speed 23.863s today but normally my site Page Speed 1.12s Score: 95/100

Using pingdom test also have long wait time Results here:


My wordpress site usually installed W3 Total Cache plugin. I try to disable plugin one-by-one for test reason but not any change.

and try to contact godaddy web hosting support but problem still not fix.

I have my site hosted with

Hosting: godaddy linux shared server.
CMS : WordPress 3.4.1.

why my site have so long TTFB (19.082 second) suddenly? any help?

should i need change my webhosting service? any idea?

Thank in advance those who respond to me.

You can try turning on the debugging features on W3TC and then look at the comment at the end of the HTML to see if it can tell you what is taking so long. If it isn’t pointing to anything you should escalate with support and if you still don’t get a response consider changing hosting (but make sure you don’t change to another one that will be just as bad).

Thanks for help! turning on the debugging features on W3TC and it isn’t pointing to anything at the end of the Html. and my website still have long TTFB.

How can I fix this? must move to new web hosting?

Any help?

Websites seem back to normal now just test there is 0.995s TTFB (Results not as good as before but better than 19.082 second TTFB).

Results here: http://www.webpagetest.org/result/120726_DS_G9Z/

Didn’t have idea about this I’m not change anything.

How this things happen? Any suggest about this?


Something must have been wrong on the Godaddy servers (overloaded possibly) and they got it sorted out which brought the times back down. You can ping their support team to see if they can give you more information but it’s likely that they won’t.

Nearly two months after site have Long TTFB problem. Finally I found the problem is W3TC Plugin. After uninstall this plugin and installed WP Super Cache on my site. The problem get fix and I get the best test result!

After some research, I found W3T Cache is not suitable virtual host, at least to the VPS Caixing and W3T do not recommend using the form of a disk cache. This plugin will using a resource-intensive cpu or hard disk I / O.

You can check out my test result below:

Using W3TC Plugin:

Uninstall W3TC Plugin and Using WP Super Cache Plugin:


Hope this can help someone.

Thanks For Reading