Akamai CDN not detected

We use Akamai to accelerate xjobs.brassring.com. The CNAME for that domain points to wildcard.brassring.com.edgekey.net which is another CNAME record that points to wildcard.brassring.com.edgekey.net.globalredir.akadns.net.
WPT is not detecting that xjobs.brassring.com is being served by Akamai.

Is it actually serving through Akamai’s CDN or is it using Akamai’s DNS for GSLB? AFAIK, akadns.net is used for the DNS-based GSLB and not edge-serving CDN.

Yes, we’re serving thru Akamai’s CDN. edgekey.net is one of their CDN domains: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Akamai_Technologies#Content-delivery_networks_and_domains

Thanks. I just added a bunch of the CNAMEs that I didn’t have before: https://github.com/WPO-Foundation/webpagetest/commit/ee6d4fcd2226489261ff60898e9e969ca76d3c29

It will probably be a week or so before the change is rolled out to the test agents though.

Great, thanks!