Anyone know of a webpagetest clone with an India agent?

Hi Chaps

I need to see some http response headers for calls originating in India.

Anyone know of a WebPageTest style tool that has an India agent?

(For what I need to do, I don’t need all of the features we all love in WPT, just a view of response headers.)



You could try this:

A location in India is in the works for WebPagetest but it’s still probably a couple of months out.

Thanks Pat, nice to hear about forthcoming India WPT agent!

No India proxy at wonderproxy.

Anyone else any ideas? Cheers


Sorry, that’s what I get for not knowing all of the cities and flags (would help if they included that instead of just city names).

Gomez and Keynote both have test locations in Indoa but I’m not sure if they will give you headers for a successful test (I thought Gomez had a proxy solution at one point as well but I could be wrong).

Searching for “http proxy india” provides a fair number of results (some free, all questionable at best :-))


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