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What Are The Benefits Of A Remote Desktop?

What could be better than having all of the best SEO tools at your finger tips? Instead of you having to go out and buying Xrumer that is at a hefty $600 Plus monthly fees you can simply rent a desktop from us. Not to mention the price tag of Senuke X. It’s now at a monthly fee of $165 a month and one time fee of $3 Thousand dollars. This is why we have made this service so you can benefit from licensed software at a fraction of the cost. For $60 a month you get Xrumer 7 Elite, Senuke X, Scrapebox, Tweet Attacks, Scrapeboard, Hreffer, Rank Tracker and More Added Every Month. There will also be Article Marketing Robot, And lot’s more. We Will Have all of the best on here. So get on board and start getting your sites first spot on Google. It won’t be hard when you have state of the art technology and automation at your finger tips!
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A Remote Desktop is much similar to logging into your windows on your own PC. Except your logging into a server that has Windows 2008 on it instead. You will have your very own user account that NO ONE but you can access. We will give you instructions on how to use your own pc’s resources on your remote desktop and you can actually save all your data right on your own pc. Like Links Lists and Reports They can all be saved on your own hard drive from the remote desktop. You simply add your own PC to be used as a local resource and when you click on My Computer Icon in the start menu on the server your PC actually is an option to explore. It’s rather quite neat. For Security reasons we have made the desktop not able to save on it or delete. This is to ensure nobodie can delete anything on the server which is a possibility always. With your Purchase you will get a welcome email with full instructions on how to connect. All windows come with RDC (remote Desktop Client). We Will simply show you how to access this and connect at anytime you want. The server is never shut down so even when you disconnect from the server it’s still working. This is far better than the competition as they do not allow you to keep your RDC going at all times.
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Would You like to hire us for SEO services? No problem we are highly trained and have as many copies of the software we need so no orders are too much. Check out my other site at http://backlinksbuildingservices.net And choose your SEO package. All packages come with an extensive SEO report done only with Rank Tracker! You will be able to see the work we do on your site by the results you see from the reports. The reports will be sent to your email automatically every week. Using Xrumer, Scrapebox, And Senuke X on your site regularly will turn your site into a cash cow.

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