Authentication doesn't work with scripting

I need a help regarding authenticating users via login page.

I am trying to login user and then navigating to the my/account page where user can see his/her account information. Below are the steps I am following which are the same as I am browsing the site.

[]navigate to the login screen
]Fill username and password
[]Submit the login form
]navigate to my/account page

Below is the script I am using.

[color=#0000CD][size=small]logData 0

// bring up the login screen

logData 1

// log in
setValue name=email
setValue name=password MY_PASSWORD
submitForm name=login-form


Tab characters are there in the script but somehow they not appearing correctly. Also I am using a legit username/password that works on the site. The issue I am seeing is upon navigating user to my/account page somehow the authentication didn’t happen on the first step so it will redirect user back to the login screen. The same username/password works when I try them on the actual site.

Any help is appreciated.

I tend to use exec and execAndWait for login forms these days, so something like this should work bu I’ve not tested it:

logData	0

// bring up the login screen

logData	1

// log in
exec document.getElementByName("email")[0].value = ""
exec document.getElementByName("password")[0].value = "password"
execAndWait document.getElementByName("login-form")[0].click()


Thanks Andy!

I tried that as well but no luck. I switched the site considering there is something wrong with the previous site but even with Twitter I am not able to login.


ignoreErrors 1

exec document.getElementById(‘signin-email’).value = ‘username’
exec document.getElementById('signin-password).value = ‘password’
execAndWait document.getElementsByClassName(‘submit’)[0].click()


Is anyone else faced this issue? What am I doing wrong?