Basic Authtication

Is anyone else haveing issues with sites that require basic authentication? I use this feature often and last week it was working fine and this week WPT returns a 401 error. I am trying to test from Dulles on Chrome although I have tried IE 11 also.

How are you testing the basic auth? Are you sending a custom header or trying some kind of a scripted test?

On the “Auth” tab I enter the username and password to the site I am testing. The username and password is a local Windows account that IIS invokes at the site level. I am not running a scripted test or sending custom headers. I have been doing this sort of testing for the last couple years using this method and it just recently stopped. I don’t see anything on the server that changed.

I just tested Basic Authentication on a different system that is setup the same way and it work. It appears to be an issue with this system. I will keep digging.

This might be vaguely related, but it It might have something to do with your network connection and how you have used the SSH keys. I could be totally wrong though, I’m new:)

The basic auth issues started for me on the 15th and the time errors correspond with these 2 commits

It appears the WPT is sending 2 Authorization headers. On my system, this causes 400 errors.

Here is the test i recently ran with the double headers

All fixed, thanks for reporting.