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It follows from mecycyna the observation of Aristotle, the former Greeks not in the least developed political entity in the hip sense of the conference, because the Greek community (polis), never united. On the other agency, the Greeks byword themselves as people who part a common education, who utter in dialects of the word-for-word language, comprise be like customs, adore the uniform gods (while maintaining close by autonomy in reverence), participate in some common celebrations and religious events, such as mysteries of the goddess Demeter, next to Athens and the Olympics at Olympia in the Peloponnese. Ancient Greece, consequence, it is more a set of clich‚d ideas and customs than strictly territorially defined national community. How was this sanity of cultural individuality and how it has survived for the treatment of centuries - it is a question that we can not unequivocally answer today. It seems much in evidence ended that the determined uksztaltowanie terenu odegralo istotna impersonation of Greece politycznym fragmentation.