Blackshades Commander

Blackshades Commander is based on a completely new technology.
We’ve put lots of focus on stability and usability.
It has never been so easy to control your clients.

Tired of controlling/managing several clients one by one?
Then this is the perfect program for you, Commander!

Introducing our unique, yet very familiar feeling client, you get to enjoy all the privileges of operating a chat room, while still maintaining the advantages of a client-based program.

Blackshades Commander allows you to simultaneously control all clients as
well as control a specific group of clients trough one single command.

This is the perfect tool for you who’re looking for complete security and total surveillance/espionage.
Blackshades Commander offers a complete feedback system regarding performed actions.

With Blackshades Commander you will be able to:

  • View full or search-filtered logs from all clients
  • View active processes
  • Access clients dos-shell
  • Navigate clients to a specific website
  • View clients saved passwords
  • Restart, Shutdown and log off clients
  • Remotely uninstall malware from your clients without their interaction
    And much more!

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