Block feature for iphone 6


I’ve tried to do a search from this forum but couldn’t find any results so hopefully this is the first time this question is being asked.

I’ve been trying to block google font using the Block feature on iPhone6 to see how much faster the page speed would be. (Example URL:

So in my tests, I’ve tried .woff and in subsequent, separate tests block:*
But none of these seem to work since I can still see http status 200, and timing information for these font URLs.

And then it seems that I am able to successfully use the Block feature if I select the Chrome device.

So this makes me asks the question - is the Block feature supposed to work on iPhone? Or am I doing something wrong?


For the mobile agents, blocking only works for fqdn’s “” because it relies on modifying the hosts file.

I’m not 100% sure I’ve implemented that yet for iOS though so even that may not work. When it is available that will be a limitation though.

It shouldn’t be too much work to get it working in iOS so I might be able to get it done next week.