Blog performance heart me on test results

Hi there ,I am beginner in blogging field ,I am not a professional developer .I try to give my blog through the plugins but last two day’s I see very bad testing results of my blog .I don’t understand where is the faults .please help me

When I run your site through our audit service, I’m seeing everything as well optimized except for a pretty bad time to first byte. This can be due to sub par hosting or other things like the number of plugins you’re trying to use.

This post of ours explains it in more detail -

I noticed you seem to be using multiple caching plugins (Autoptimize, super cache, lazy load by wp rocket). It’s really best to use one caching/performance plugin, as using multiple plugins in redundant and actually starts to slow things down. Try reducing this first, and see if that fixes things.

Thank you very much for response me,the base of my issue is mainly “cdn not show 100/100” why ? I don’t understand what is the problem ,which cdn is best for me ?

Can you give us information about the test result status?