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Thin chin: Which is, raise your head! Need to make the effort his head, feeling his chin and neck are tightened, for 5 seconds and then down. Twenty to forty times per day, after which one week can see the impact.
The upper arm inside: Two tiny dumbbells (obtainable mineral water instead), inside the hand, rise your arm, the upper arm close towards the ear, and then toggle, then straighten arms. This is as soon as, three sets per day, and one set is fifteen.
Thin back:
1: Prepare for two dumbbells, and maintain a stand pose, arms drooping naturally and holding the dumbbells, arm moves back like handle one thing, that the chest side of the dumbbell. Fifteen is often a set, and 3 sets per day.
2: Standing, his arms drooping naturally, palm of the hand holding the dumbbell back, back lift. When you do this action you have to keep your arms straight. Fifteen can be a set, and three sets per day.
The upper abdomen: the upper abdomen is the stomach location. The easiest way is sit up, note that not sit up ??sit??. For those who do this physical exercise when sitting up, not properly for your spine, and don’t put his hand behind the head, hand on the ear on it, or of the cervical spine injury. At least three sets, and one set has twenty.
The lower abdomen: will be the ??small pot??. Lie down and legs straight, feet together, after which slowly lift, and body into ninety degree angle, then slowly down. This action might be tired to do it, but can minimize the front thigh fleshy. Do at the least two groups per day, a group of fifteen.
Thin hip: The side kicks. Standing, and raise his left leg to the side, keeping the knee toward the front. Slowly lift to the highest position you possibly can afford, then slowly down. A group fifteen each sides, day-to-day two to three groups.

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