captcha fail : no captcha displayed

“advanced test” works directly.
“simple test” fails because of “captcha failure” while no captcha was displayed.

Thanks. I rolled out recaptcha yesterday but missed all of the other test entry points besides the main form. They should all work now.

Saw your Tweet about adding this, hopefully it stops those long queues from bots.

I also spotted the error on the ‘Re-run the test’ button.

Thanks. That should also work now. To be safe I just searched for all calls to runtest.php and I’m pretty sure they are all covered now.

2018 same issue again with chrome. I cant use test it allmost allways says “Failed recaptcha validation. Please go back and try submitting your test again”. I unactivated adblock but to no avail.

On firefox, google photo-recognition captcha displays fine.
On chrome, nothing is displayed but this stupid “failed recaptcha”

If you run tests while logged in (noow that you have a forum account I assume you are also logged in) there should be no recaptcha check.

Thanks for answering and for all the work around providing this tool

Maybe i i should post a new topic but 1) i’m connected 2) the test now launches, but errors “Invalid Browser Selected: IE 11” hélas, IE11 is the only choice…

What location are you selecting to run the tests from?