Chrome testing available from Dulles

You can now test with a Chrome browser (currently version 10) from the Dulles location. I have 8 VM’s configured with Chrome (shared with the IE8 and IE9 testing) but I still wouldn’t be surprised to see some long queues in the first couple of days so please be patient and bear with me.

It’s still very much in development but I think it’s far enough along to be valuable and to start collecting feedback from you guys. There’s a lot of things that aren’t in place yet (most notably HTTPS support) so just be aware of the known issues as you play with it and let us know if you see anything unexpected.

What Works:

  • Testing URLs (no scripts)
  • Dynamic bandwidth/dummynet
  • First/Repeat view (entire profile is cleared out between runs)
  • Optionally ending tests at document complete
  • Packet Captures
  • Screen captures
  • Start render detection
  • Video capture

What doesn’t:

  • Optimization checks
  • SPDY
  • Scripts
  • Custom end conditions (DOM elements, etc)
  • Content blocking
  • HTTP Basic auth tests
  • AFT
  • DNS or Socket connect errors will not show up in the waterfall

Given that IE9 just launched on Monday, I expect there are going to be a fair number of browser comparisons so there are probably a couple of points that you should be aware of before drawing any conclusions about a given browser’s performance compared to another:

  • The chrome tests and IE8/9 tests run in the same guest VM’s so they are identical to that extent
  • The VM’s are Windows 7 32-bit with 1GB of RAM running on ESXi 4.1
  • There is no hardware GPU acceleration in the VM’s so all of the browsers are using software rendering (not a big deal as long as you’re not testing a fishbowl animation but something you should be aware of)
  • IE 6 and 7 are running on XP guests with 512MB of RAM. That’s not why they are slower than the newer browsers but something else to be aware of

Big thanks to my coworkers at Google for developing the new testing harness (which is very cross-browser friendly for everything we have in place so far so expect to see other browsers come along as well).



Job well done Pat and the other Google engineers!!!


Also CPU graph shows no cpu usage. Bandwidth chart is missing[hr]
its really interesting to see how/when chrome pre-fetches dns queries in repeat views.

Absolutely awesome.

Just a quick heads-up, it looks like the Document Complete event in chrome is getting recorded later than it actually fires in some cases (particularly when content is loaded from an onload handler on the page). We’re looking into it now and should have an updated release in the next couple of days.



ok, Document complete times are accurate now (using the navigation.timings from the browser). The CPU and bandwidth recording has also been implemented so those should look better now as well.



Works great in Chrome! This service provides great insight to optimize my website. Thank you very much!

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