Comparing results from API

I’ve setup a private instance and am working on automating benchmarks for all the sites my company hosts. I’ve setup API calls to run the benchmarks, and they’re visible in the web front-end Test History once I tick the “Show test from all users” option. However, I don’t have the option to compare test results from the API calls. I can only compare results from tests run through the web interface.

Is there any way to allow all tests to be available for comparison?


The below article is a good read to monitor benchmarking in a continuos fashion:


  1. Use Webpagetest API wrapper (

  2. Implement your custom code and extract the desired KPI’s you care the most (returned in JSON format by Webpagetest API) and redirect them to a CSV

  3. If you use Jenkins as your CI tool use the Jenkins “Plot” plugin to plot the test results and make it visible to your teams. Also include the Webpage test result link in every test run so that teams can have a look at waterfall for further investigation when needed