Completely Automated webpagetest application

Is there any program that is basically this site but automated? I need a program that automatically checks my site every day and exports the results into a spreadsheet or similar output without me doing anything.

There are a bunch of commercial services that do this (BrowserMob, Keynote, Gomez). BrowserMob has a free tier that would do a few checks per day from multiple locations (though it is firefox-based and the free version runs at backbone speeds).

I wrote a script to do exactly that using the Webpagetest API. See

My script requests tests and writes test results to a CSV.

Could you kindly share the basic script outline? I downloaded cURL for Windows and succeeded in launching a test from the command line, but don’t know how to get hold of the URL for the result:

C:> curl -o result_test.htm “

where was provided by Pat. Unfortunately, result_test.htm was not created. But I did see my test appear in the “Test History” page:

Bottom line question: how would I capture the result ID “110512_ED_KGHB” in a script?


FWIW, you’ll probably be a lot better off passing &f=xml and storing the result as XML which will be a lot easier to parse than the HTML. You’ll still need to parse it though.

We have a python bulktest script that might be able to do what you are looking for:

I think someone is working on adding API key support to it right now (it was actually meant for using against private instances so there wasn’t really the need for key support.

These are all USA based as far as I know. Are there any services in Europe that you know of?

WatchMouse is/was based in London I believe -

Same goes for Site Confidence:

That said, even though the others may be “based” in the US, they have a global footprint for monitoring nodes so pick whichever fits best.