Confusion about parameters in "Load Details"


I have some confusion in PageTest’s result. In the ‘load details’ section, what’s the difference between them?
Request Size(Out)
Request Size(In)
Request Object Size (out)
Response Object Size (in)
Response Object Size (bodylen)

I used ethereal/wireshark to capture the IP data during testing and found the HTTP data size is equel to ‘Request Size(out)’ and ‘Request Size(in)’, but what do the rest of above parameters mean?

By the way, how to calculate the ‘Bytes received”? It seems not the total sum of the ‘Request Size(Out)/1024’ .

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The PageTest I used is a desktop version(

Request Size(Out) - Size of the outbound request from the browser to the server (including http headers)
Request Size(In) - Size of the response from the server (including http headers)
Request Object Size(out) - Size of the content sent to the server not including http headers (post)
Response Object Size(in) - Size of the response from the server, not including the http headers
Response Object Size (bodylen) - I don’t think I’m reporting this anymore (was mostly for debugging) but I thin it’s the decompressed object size (in the case of gzipped content)

Bytes received should be the sum of 'Request Size (in)/1024"




I try to calculate the “Bytes received” size.
The sum of “Request Size (in)” is 114061 byte (111.388KB). The “Bytes received” is 109.958 KB.

What’s up? Is there any problem in my calculation method. The ‘Load Details’ and the calculation process are in the attainment.

The summary result only includes the data up until document complete (and favicon is also excluded). If you chop off the last 3 requests (favicon and 2 where document=0) you should end up with the 109KB number.