Content isn't showing in waterfall

Hello and good morning!

I would be so glad, if anybody could help me with the following waterfall issue:

Since my security plugin in wordpress has done it’s Job, my waterfall doesn’t work anymore and only Shows one Content.


I tried running against the Virginia location and the waterfall looked normal:

The “Frankfurt, Germany - Dynatrace” location has a long back log ( more than 90 tests ), so I’m wondering if there is some other issue going on there.

Try another WPT instance + you should see your data.

Biggest challenge for this site relates to hosting of site + callouts to for offsite assets… which is extremely slow. - asset #9 serves in 1343ms off + is a very small .png file which should serve fast. - asset #1 services in 143ms off one of my servers, which is barely tuned.

So… is adding 1+ second of time for each asset served off their site.

I’d say first optimization for your site is move all assets off onto your own site.

Then if your site requires additional tuning, likely you’ll require moving to different hosting, as your current hosting is using NGINX (a serious performance killer) + PHP-5.6 which reaches end of life in 18 months or so.

Suggested optimization steps

  1. Use Apache-2.4.25 + PHP-7.1.3 + MariaDB-10.1.22 (MySQL that works) + OpenSSL-1.0.2k as your target LAMP versions.

Tune Opcache + verify enough memory available.

Tune MariaDB (mysqltuner) + verify all settings good, especially connections + temp files.

Move /tmp off disk into memory (tmpfs), for blistering fast MariaDB + PHP sessions.

  1. Enable HTTP/2 + ALPN

Use HTTP/2 Test - Verify HTTP/2 Support | KeyCDN Tools to verify

  1. Enable OCSP stapling + Strict Transport Security

Both these enabled with HTTP/2 + ALPN, will enable maximum SSL pipelining, which makes SSL sites faster than non-SSL sites.