Css file and image file broken link

My website name is https://ecoholidaysnepal.com/.When doing inspection through google chrome I found two errors one is blank.gif image file and another is skin.css file.Though ,my folder contains image file,it still shows error but I donot have skin.css file in my directory.I cannot find which part of the code is using this skin.css file.I donot want any error in my website. I just want to remove those error .Please help me.

If those images are giving a 404 error still, you can always upload a zero kb, empty 1x1 transparent image for the image. And a blank css file for the css file giving a 404.


I would contact the author of the skin/theme however and see if it is just an error on his part.

I have that image file but still shows the error.Regarding the css file do you want me to create a file name in the missing directory. Thanks for your suggestion.