Debugging a rogue request


In the process of debugging a long TTFB on a site I am making, I also discovered a couple of rogue requests that seem to be taking an age to return. I am having an awful time trying to locate the source of the request. The site is here:

The rogue requests are a request to and a request to Both appear to be part of a redirect chain. I cannot see anything in the front end, the templates or database that could be causing it. Checking the line number of the request isn’t helping as Web Page Test either isn’t providing an accurate line number or I have something else misconfigured.

Any other eyes on this appreciated.


curl -I -L reports no easy to follow redirect chain.

These site references occur in your WordPress content somewhere.

Likely you’re going to be looking for a WordPress expert who can search through your .php + database files for references to these sites.

PHP search is easy from command line.

ack -irl --php

ack -irl --php

For a database search, I’d just dump the entire database using mysqldump + grep for these two sites.

Once you locate the locations of these references you can strip them out.