Deleting results

Is there any safe way of deleting test results. For example of tests that failed? I guess it is possible to edit log files and delete results files, but it is easy to damage something while doing that.

Not currently. It’s been on my to-do list for a while, to let the user who originally submitted a test delete it.

I have some scripts that I use that can do it safely for the public instance but there’s nothing that’s well supported yet.

Patrick, could you describe what I should do to delete results from my private instance please? I am afraid of breaking my instance while doing it. I guess I should remove something from logs and appropriate folder from results folder. Is anything else I should do?

Are you just trying to free up space or are you trying to delete a specific test? Don’t worry about breaking things, it’s all stateless and the tests are stored on disk in a directory hierarchy under results:


If you’re just trying to free up disk space, the easiest thing to do is to just nuke old tests by blowing away directories (previous months or years). The test logs are under the logs/ directory and there is one file per day but those don’t really take that much space.

If you are trying to nuke a specific test the easiest way is to just delete the directory for that one test (the test ID maps directly to the directory hierarchy). If you need to remove it from the test log then it’s a touch harder because you need to open the log file and delete the line for the given test from the file.

Thanks Patrick for the explanation!