Didn't work, strange results


Weird. Now this site shows up perfectly in Chrome. Other areas of the site (using the same wordpress install like the guide) show up perfectly and work just fine. The w3 validator also shows some gzip error but turning off W3 Total Cache and even gzipping (other than mod deflate) still leaves this weird no-result. Any ideas?

I get the same 442 byte empty response (just an ok response with no data) when I load it manually in chrome. I’d say to start by checking your logs to see what is going on in case there’s an error being thrown somewhere in the code.

FWIW, I’m seeing an x-powerd-by: W3 Total Cache header so I don’t think it’s turned off all the way. Try disabling the plugin entirely.

Patrick - Thanks for the response. This is the weirdest time consuming issue I have ever had.

  1. I tripled checked to make sure W3TC was off in every blog.

  2. The only place it was not off was on a separate WP install on a subdomain. Perhaps relevant or maybe not - it works perfectly there.

  3. Chrome loaded the site perfectly for me without the empty response you got.

  4. About 8 hours later I’ve tried it again. Not only do all browsers work, but so does the webpagetest. As an added precaution and many thanks to your additional response, I have removed W3TC from the WP plugins folder entirely just to make 100% sure it’s gone.

And now it works. :slight_smile: Now if I could only get that TTFB down which we’ve been chatting about for a while, LOL. :slight_smile: Many thanks. This site is an invaluable resource and recommend it regularly.

FWIW, W3TC is sort of a bandaid for slow TTFB times and doesn’t really fix the underlying issue anyway (just hides it for a lot of users). If you can diagnose the actual database queries that are taking a long time you should be able to improve the actual performance but that’s pretty low-level work.

There are also other page caching plugins that people have had luck with when W3TC didn’t work - super cache is one of them I believe.

Thanks Patrick. Even a basic Wordpress blog leaves me with slow TTFB times. I wonder if having one server instead of a front end and database might be a part of the issue. Still, the rest I have taken care of so you do what you can.

Thanks for the tip on Super Cache. Will look into it…