Diff b/n Doc Complete and Fully Loaded on Repeat View

Recently in tests run on one of our sites:


I notice that there is a substantial difference between the time to Document Complete and the Time to Fully Loaded in the Repeat View – in this case 1.215s vs. 3.475s.

However, with the Repeat View, I don’t see any way to tell which elements are taking longer to load and resulting in that additional 2.2s of load time.

It’s strange because in Repeat View the time to Document Complete is actually 2s faster than the first view, but the Fully Loaded view actually ends up taking longer.

Sometimes, in tests on the same site, we see results that are more in keeping with what we would expect:


Where Fully Loaded is much closer to Document Complete on the Repeat View.

Does anyone have an idea what might be causing this issue?