Different TTFBs in the same test

What mean these (magenta bordered) different TTFBs on the screenshot?

Hi - I believe you need to add up multiple values to hit that number:

307 (DNS) +
310 (Connection) +
345 (SSL) +
1415 (TTFB)

= 2377 = when the browser really gets data for the first time
Also I see you tested from Frankfurt - if your website is not hosted in europe(For example in US) - it will add substantial latency / ms into most of those values.

The test is also set to 3G which throttles the connection, it may be what you wanted.

makes sense! Thank you!

The one in the data table at the top is the TTFB for the overall page (from start of navigation to first bit of HTML) and will include DNS, connect, TLS, redirects, etc.

The one in the waterfall is the server response time for that specific request from when the request was sent (on an already-established connection) until the first bit of the response.