Do web page test maintain browser cache ?

Here is my scenario, on my application when the number of order increases on the UI the rendering becomes slow. So I ran 3 test with 10, 20 and 30 order respectively.

I am seeing from order 10 to 20 there is a spike in response time but on order 30 I see the better response time compared to 10 order.

Please refer to the image attached.

My question is is WPT maintain a cache, every time I am hitting the server? If yes then how to clear cache everytime I run my test.

My Configuration:
I am running WPT on a VM machine and I am running my test outside the VM(i.e. local machine)

No, WPT doesn’t maintain a cache of any kind. It goes out of it’s way to clear all browser and local DNS caches. It WILL however cause the server to populate any caches it may have by running tests which is a common cause of seeing a slow run followed by fast ones.

@pmeenan, agreed with you but if you see the ‘bytes in’ summary page. They are downloading the same size of page but if you observe the time it is like 11.40 sec to 11.47sec (that is anticipated) but on the third one it is like 6.0 sec almost.

Why is that ?

Do you have a link to the test? It’s hard to say without seeing the specifics.

@pmeenan, it is local test but let me download the report for you. If I can