document complete vs. webpage response

Which metric is most important to give others the response time of a page? The document complete or web page response?


What are you defining as “web page response”? Pretty much all of the non-visual metrics suck which is why I’ve been pushing the Speed Index.

web page response is the time after all the onload events are triggered and completed.
Usually the webpage response is always 1 or 2 secs after the document complete.

document complete is the same as the time when the onload event fired so if that’s the metric you’re looking for that’s the one to use.

For this example:

Load time is 2.4
Fully loaded is 2.6

If I was going to tell my manager, how fast is the homepage, which metric would I use?

Maybe pick the metric that you deem most valuable and focus on optimizing it. I would report several. Page starts to render in… Page is interactive in… all objects are completely loaded in… Use the filmstrip ( record video when running test) feature to your advantage and show the render progress. “This is what the user sees over time…”

It just seems webpage test focuses more on the “load time” (document complete) metric more, so
I assume that is the metric which is widely used by everyone as the final say on how fast a webpage is.

Thanks for clarifying.

document complete is sort of the defacto time that everyone uses but it is far from the best metric for understanding the actual user experience: Moving beyond window.onload() | High Performance Web Sites