Driver stops during extremely long tests

So I know this isn’t the original intent of this software, but I have been using it to perform multiple iterations of long site lists in order to get timing data. This can be on the order of viewing 1000 websites in a single test using a modified version of the python batch processing library. Recently though I started noticing that on occasion the test would make it through to about the 500th site and then the driver would go back to “checking for work” and the test would never finish. Do you have any idea why this may be happening?

Hmm, nothing comes to mind. Are the tests still in the queue on the server? As far as the test agent is concerned, each one of the tests is separate, it’s the batch script that keeps track of them all and I’ve had well over 100k tests queued up for processing before.

There are some limits to be careful of depending on the filesystem on the server (ext3 file limits, etc) but nothing I can think of that should choke at 500 tests.