Duplicate response

Hi all,

Any idea why there would be discrepancies in these results


The results from the Sydney testing server shows images being loaded twice eg meccano-1, meccano-2.

All other servers show only one download of the gallery images

So, technically, those are different images (as far as the browser is concerned). Is there something on your side that generates the image URL’s to include -1, -2, etc?

Sorry I might have confused the situation, meccano-1 and meccano-2 are different images.

However if you look at the test results for Sydney and the us site you’ll see the Sydney report has

Then again


its the same for all six images that are in the javascript gallery they are shown to be downloaded twice by Sydney and only once as it should be by all other testing servers I’ve used


Doh, sorry for the misunderstanding. I’ll take a look in the morning to see if I can find anything with the test system that might be causing it. The only time I had seen similar behavior that I can remember is when the responses were being truncated but that doesn’t look to be the case here (and that showed the same behavior across locations).


Did you found the source of the problem?

I’ve been doing some benchmarking on a website and WebPageTest checks twice some of the script files. I don’t see why it is doing it, because the scripts are only reference once in the page.


I did some looking but I haven’t been able to figure out what is triggering it yet. I should have some time tomorrow to dig into it again to see if I can turn anything up.