Error/Status Code: 12057

I’m seeing various entries with the Error/Status Code 12057. They are linked to calls to various Google and Facebook services such as GooglePlus and probably ad servers. Is there anything I can do?

Looks like 12057 is a cert revocation check failure. I just saw it start to show up over the last couple of days and need to look into it more. I’m guessing you are seeing it on SSL requests and it just happened that Google and Facebook are using that for their social widgets.

You shouldn’t worry about it.

Thanks Patrick. You’re correct as they all were https// requests.

But, I’m still worrying as the new ad code I’m testing is taking longer than I want unless this error impacts things. This new vendor is about 30-50% slower and it looks like the user is staring at a mostly blank screen for 2 seconds;-(

May have been related to the change I made yesterday for how I detect CDN’s. I think I fixed it, let me know if you see it again.